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By: Cristina Rodríguez

             Every day, for 6 decades the people of Vieques have lived with the fear that the US Navy’s constant bombardment in the island of Vieques may lead to another “accident”. The recent events that developed after the “accidental” killing of a civilian security guard, by an astray missile came as a wake-up call for the people of Vieques. It is a fact that the US Navy is guilty of violations of human rights, ecological laws and of the laws of morality. This is an unacceptable situation for us, Puerto Ricans.

            Leaders of the entire world have condemned the situation in Vieques, because it is an example of how the rights of the people can be suppressed by military institutions.  Now, nearly all sectors of the Puerto Rican society, along with other groups that seek to carry out their idealistic visions of a democracy around the world, have united in this common cause.  The issue is much more than an isolated event. It is a simple issue that should not be lost in the entangled minds of

opportunistic “leaders”. The issue comes down to what’s right and wrong. It is right that the practices in Vieques end because it is the will of the people. It is right that the Navy give back the

land that they ecologically destroyed in a clean manner. It is wrong to let them continue to use the land of Vieques in which ever way the see fit. It is also wrong to keep accepting the excuses, which they manipulate to explain “accidents”.  Subjugation has been law in Vieques and in the “Big Island”, (Puerto Rico), through out many years because of those erroneous intellects. Now is the time when our argument should not be based on narrow-minded opinions. We must use facts as our evidence, they speak for themselves. No one should think that there is nothing we can do to help this moral issue.  This is a situation we must not set aside. It is clear and present. We should not obey laws imposed on us by an outside intruder like the U.S. Navy. Not only because these laws are against our every vein, but because they are wrong.



This time we should take a stand and follow it through. We will not submit once more to a law, as if our judgement had been blinded. The National Security of an empire, which we have helped create, shall not serve as a valid excuse. The end does not justify the means.   

           There shall be no compromise; the practices shall stop now. No treaty or agreement shall be made if our position is not respected. On this issue we must fight until we accomplish our goal. Hostos, Martí and Bolivar all had the ideal; the only way of reaching a goal is acquiring knowledge. We must follow this example. Now that the situation is clear to us because we know the facts, accomplishing our goal is a sure expectation.  If we do not fight to stop the practices in Vieques, our indecision will continue to stare at our fearful consciences.  I am sure that at the end of this journey Puerto Ricans will be united as a people, who turned their dreams to realities and accomplished a common goal.  Fear should no longer hold us from fighting for justice; it will not hold us from making a firm final decision.  We must show our determination to the world and this time it will endure through our times of fear. 

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